A3 DTF Digital Desktop Oven

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Small business desktop curing oven for Direct to Film (DTF) printing. Supported by DTF Store Australia.

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DTF Store Direct To Film Desktop Oven 38cm Australia Open
A3 DTF Digital Desktop Oven
$449.95 Original price was: $449.95.$399.00Current price is: $399.00.

A3 DTF Digital Desktop Oven

This digital powder dryer is a sleek and strong industrial built oven is designed for small run curing. Our team recommends this oven to be paired with our A3 L1390 Single Head Printer.
Heating Bed 395 x 380mm Maximum, opens at both ends for feeding for larger prints. You will not achieve curing across the entire platen as heat reduces towards ends/edges, some prints will require rotation.
Our oven utilizes three infrared heating elements even spaced throughout. This allows for a even dispersion of heat across the prints to ensure a perfect powder melt on every print. This oven has a top temperature of 200° C (392° Fahrenheit).
Temperature controls located on the REX-C100 digital display, with both a set temperature (SV – Set Value) and a live temperature (PV – Present Value) reading directly from the internal thermometer. In addition to a sleek spring loaded power button with an LED display.
All ovens are compatible with our air purifier. Perfect for home usage or use in confined spaces. Simply connect the extraction hose to the top outlet. For more information on the air purifier click here. If you are having trouble setting up your air purifier click here (Coming Soon) to download our set up instructions or click here (Coming Soon) to watch the set up video.

DTF Direct To Film Features Australia

Product Features

Separate Replacable Elements ✓
Digital Temperature Control ✓
Solid Construction ✓
AU Plug ✓
380mm Bed Width ✓
Good Heat Distribution ✓
6 Month Warranty (Return to Base) ✓
Elements are CONSUMABLES ✓

DTF Direct To Film Contains or Includes Australia

Product Contents

1 A3 DTF Digital Desktop Oven

DTF Direct To Film Design Australia

Product Design Process

Designed specifically for DTF printing with purpose built chassis, stainless steel removeable bed for cleaning (4 screws).

DTF Direct To Film Instructions Process Australia

Product Sublimation Process

Curing times are best decided by personal preference but to get you started we suggest 130° C for 60 seconds or until the print begins to smoke. Ensure the bulk of your print is centered in the oven for best results. For print jobs larger than 395mm our oven has duel opening on the front and back. This allows you to manually pull the film through slowly and bake a large sheet without having to cut to size.
When opening the lid these ovens will drop rapidly, ensure to take this into account when curing.

DTF Direct To Film Materials Australia



DTF Direct To Film Dimensions Australia


Shipping Dimensions: L: 65 cm W: 48 cm H: 29 cm

Product Dimensions: L: 570 mm W: 395 mm H: Closed: 200 mm Open: 550mm

DTF Direct To Film Fast Shipping Product Weight Australia


Shipping Weight: 14.8 kg

Product Weight: 7.0 Kg

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Weight 14.8 kg
Dimensions 65 × 48 × 29 cm