UV Direct to Film Application Process

What You Will Need;

Some Stickers and something to stick them too. That’s it!

Isopropyl Alcohol Spray or other surface cleaners are recommended for cleaning the surface you are intending to apply onto. (Ensure surface is dry before pressing).

Follow these simple instructions to apply your UV DTF stickers to your chosen blank.

Step 0: If you have multiple designs on your sheet, cut the desired image from the combined sheet.

Step 1: Trim any excess media from around the design, only leave 2-4cm of excess for the removal process later.

Step 2: Clean the surface of the area you are planning on applying to. Remove dust or dirt and this can sometimes break through the sticker or leaving bumps.

Step 3: Peel the clear plastic layer from the white adhesive backing paper, ensure that the UV sticker comes with the top plastic layer.

Step 4: Begin by sticking to top of the sticker in position and slowly apply the sticker on until you reach the bottom, ensuring that you are not leaving any bubbles underneath. Use your thumb or a scraper to apply smoothly.

Step 5: Rub the sticker on firmly, ensure all edges are strongly applied and all bubbles are removed if possible.

Step 6: Begin removing the top clear plastic layer, pull from a corner or the most solid part. Gently begin removing the film while ensuring the sticker does not tear, rip, or remove from the blank. If some pieces’ are removed you can reverse the peel and try to locate and reattach the UV into place. (this will occur with fine lines and small dots, and can only be fixed within the design process).

UV Stickers are very versatile and reliable, learn about the UV DTF process and what it takes to make them by clicking here.

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